here is my uasall meditation i will write it down for you is in towalve step meditation: The Black Room
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1-sit comfortably and close your your hands on your thighs. 2-focus your attention onyour body.begin with your feet,then slowly thoroughly,move your awareness up throughyour legs,thighs,torso,arms,neck,and very aware of your breath moving in and out,in and out. 3-imagine that you are surrounded by light,as you breath in,inhale this light and feel your body filing with it. 4-as you breath out,exhale any tension ,any pain you may feel in yourjaw,your face,yuor shoulder,exhale any tension you feel elsewhere in your body.keep inhaling light,exhaling tension.inhale light,exale tension untill you are relaxed and calm. 5-if your mind begin to drift or chtter,gentley bring your attention back to your breathing. 6-now,begin to picture tiny roots coming out of the sole of your feet and bottom of your spine.feel them growing and growing .extend them down through the floor,all the way down into the earth beneath you,no matter how many floors below you that maybe. 7-continu breating in light and exhaling tension and as you do visualize your roots wriggling deep ,deep into the groundand taking hold there,and connecting you to the center of the earth. 8-imagin you can breath through your roots.draw the energy of the earth itslef up through your rootsjust as you draw liquid up through the a straw.draw the earth energy up untill fills your heart and begins to course throuh your entire being. 9-now bring your attention up to the top of your head,to your crown.visualize this spot,which is about an inch and half in diameter ,beginning to open.from this oping fiber are emerging ,long reaching up loke branches through the ceiling,all the way up ,stretching up into the the sky,out into the heavens.imagin these fiber connecting you to the sun and all the stars. 10-as you inhale breath in the eneragy of the heavens,bringing it down through these fiber into your body,to the top of your feel the light into your heart,trough your entirebody. 11-now breathe in both streams of energy,up from earth and down from heavens at the sametime.allow these two energy to weave together in your heart and fill your body.keep breathing in the energy up from the earth and down from are now anchored securely between heaven and earth. 12-when your are ready,become aware of your body again,of where you are siting.feel your breath rise and fall.feel your heartbeat.listen to all the sounds around you.slowly,slowly in your own time open your eyes,look around you notice the differences,usually you feeltheres a concious being is can connnect to them and feel them ,let them being around you,ask them whatever you doing this 12 steps ,you can medited every day and the more you do this ,the less time it takes to get in touch with this heavenly beings.all the best to all and alwayes be happy that they are around us.

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