Subconscious Perception(for your minds eye)


Do you believe in God?

No? Ok fair enough. Do you believe in The Devil? No? Ok fair enough.Do you believe in yourself? Yes? Do you believe in good and evil? Well if you said yes you're on the right track. In my years in this world I've noticed that religion of any kind being forced on a person is not a good thing. At the same time I feel people who practice good deeds are indeed at one with God as we call him. Good and evil exist on this earth day after day and has everything to do with the way in wich we choose to live our lives. Hmmm what do I mean by this? What I mean is you don't have to belong to a religion to be at one with God. If you don't believe in religion fine, but at least believe in yourself (your own religion)and practice good to all human beings and animals, do not hate anyone rather feel sorry for them and try to understand why they may be ignorant etc. maybe it's their upbringing or maybe they just haven't reached the same sense that you have yet.I guarantee that you will recieve blessings in return, they may not come today, next week, next year, but be patient and continue to live your life in this manner and you'll see results. I have been living my life like this for years without a religion to speak of but I must tell you I am beginning to think there is definatelty somebody watching my goodwill and rewarding me for it but for now, just do it for yourself and for mankind. If you follow a certain religion and totally disagree with anything I said, please disregard what I have said, but if you don't follow any kind of religion here are some great guidlines to live by for living a life filled with inner peace. If you eventually find God...... Even better, but it will only be after you've grasped the fundamentals first and then chose to believe in him. Have a great life !!

Part Two

Well hello again my friends, it's been a while since I've spoken about "The Creator". Since my last little talk I've continued to search deep into my brain (as we all should). Why my brain? Well is it not the brian that starts war? strives for peace? creates evil? creates good? Is it not the brain that continues to follow religions that lead to death? Let's put some things into perspective here. First let's start with the human brain.

Brain: Given to us by The Creator (let's face it there must be a Creator). The brain holds the best tool the Creator could ever have given us which is REASON.

Reason: Can create war, create peace, create unity, create religion, create non religion.

Religion: The main cause of death troughout history, this certainly cannot be Gods will. Why would The Creator (God) wish people to follow religions that would destroy what he or she created? This doen't make any sense.

This is where we go back to the same tool that can reverse this and that word is,"REASON". Reason can tell us that following religions only cause death. Oooooh how can I say this you say, I must be going to hell for this, I think not. Would The Creator send me into hell for believing in good for all man kind? I think not. I have researched much on this topic and have found there are some people out there who seem to share my beliefs to some extent but still tend to end up following a belief system based on scrolls and things of the past. Can we not stop for a minute and try to use our own brain? Try looking at the big picture, look into the universe, look into your brain, use your gift of reasoning.

Maybe you could base your own religion on this it is totally up to you but I think it's worth a try.

With all of that being said, I do believe most people who follow a religion do so for with good intentions and I have no problem with those people since they are practicing goodwill toward man and for the most part do the work of God (Creator)here on earth. The trouble is religions usually are with good intentions but when you become an organized gathering of people for whatever reason, there is always chance of that organization becomming corrupt and or perverted by some bad seeds.

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